full moon_edited.png

Occurs with the sun in Aries


Aries season has us plowing forward at full speed. Use the Libra

full moon to slow down and generate balance; a chance to slow down for some self-care.

Imbalances can become painfully obvious when we haven’t taken the time to slow down and assess.

A good time to confront changes in our relationships &

how we connect to each other.

Spells involving couples, righting past wrongs, or anything that needs to be balanced a little better.  

Libra gives us an awareness of how other people see us. Allow the truth to change you. 


Banish obstacles for healthy partnerships & relationships. Smoke cleanse away bad vibes with a little bit of sage. Inspire bonding with your partner with an herbal massage bar.

Revenge spells; always be cautious casting because Libra will serve justice where it is merited. If you're at fault be prepared to come to terms with it. 

Any spells pertaining to legal matters. 

Air magick is potent right now. Try out some knot magick or use your breath.

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