occurs from April to October


 Use the Libra moon summon balance. Try any spells involving couples, righting past wrongs, or really anything that needs to be balanced a little better.  

The 1st quarter moon supercharges all sorts of relationship

spells as well.

The waxing Libra moon is also a good time to cast glamour spells, conjure beauty & summon self-confidence. 

Try a lavender & bergamot infused olive oil hair mask before a

hot shower.

Or hang herbs for beauty like bergamot, chamomile & lavender on the showerhead to activate their energies with steam. Just remember to remove them before they get moldy!


Revenge spells flourish under Libra, but Libra serves justice where it is merited.

The scales will be balanced. If you’re at fault, beware.


Any spells pertaining to legal matters or the delivering of justice 

are best done in Libra.


Air magick is potent right now. Utilize knot magick, wands, feathers

& your breath.