occurs from february to august


The Leo waxing moon is a good time to summon your

creative energies. Leo wants us to reconnect with our passions

and what makes us burn.

Set aside time for creative ventures; draw, dance, make music. Do what makes your heart happy.


Light a candle to harness Leo's energy; fire magick is

extra potent right now. Better yet, light as many candles as

you can safely.

Leo is an excellent sign for love, passion, or sex spells. You

can use the course of the waxing moon to cast a major binding spell.

Try braiding, knotting, or weaving your intentions

into black thread.

Be careful though, binding spells are strong magic. these spells can be harmful or manipulative. 

use caution & consent.


A safer bet is a self-love or self-confidence spell, which are also great to cast during a waxing moon.

Sunflower, St. John’s wort, calendula, chamomile, basil, lemon balm & rosemary all vibe with Leo’s sunny energy.