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occurs from August to February


The energies of the waning moon are just beginning to ramp up in the gibbous phase, so try a spell extending over the waning cycle.


Under passionate Leo, candle magick & spells involving fire are very potent. Charge up a spell by lighting a candle each day of the waning phase to burn away & banish what’s getting in the way of your success, particularly in sports, performances, & creative ventures.

Burn rosemary, bay & sage for banishing.​

Leo also reminds us of what makes us burn. Celebrate yourself & cultivate your talents.​

Try a self-confidence spell using chamomile, calendula, & sunflowers in a bath. These herbs all work well with Leo's sunny vibes.

This is also a great sign for love, passion, or sex spells. Leo is all about power & pleasure. But use caution & consent.

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