lastquarter moon_edited.png
lastquarter moon_edited.png

occurs from August to February


The outward pull of the waning moon's energies are very strong. Harness them to be rid of obstacles in romantic pursuits. Leo is an excellent sign for any love, passion, or sex spells.


Tea brewed with thyme can give you the courage to tough out those obstacles. Burning bay can get destroy them.


Celebrate yourself & cultivate your talents. Connect with your passions & what makes you burn.


Try any spells for success, particularly in sports, performances & creative ventures.


For fire signs, magick involving incense or candles or any other fire is potent. 


Hang herbs on the showerhead to activate their energies with steam. Just remember to remove them before they get moldy! Chamomile, basil, lemon balm & rosemary all vibe with Leo’s sunny energy.

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