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Occurs with the sun in Aquarius


Aquarius shows us our place in the world, a cog in the mechanisms of society. Leo reminds us how essential every cog really is.

Reconnect with your passions; what makes you burn. And more importantly, share it with the world. Leo helps us do this.

Celebrate yourself, cultivate your talents, and shine.

Use the sun & moon's combination of celestial energy to call down the sun and supercharge a self-confidence spell using chamomile, calendula & sunflowers in a bath.

These herbs all work well with Leo's energy.

For fire signs, magick involving fire is supercharged. Power up any spell with as many candles as you can find.

An excellent sign for love or sex spells. Leo is all about power

and pleasure. Cast a bonding spell by burning herbs like lavender & rose. Or use an herbal massage bar & use the magick of touch to inspire desire. 

Binding spells are strong magic & these spells can be manipulative & harmful. Use caution & consent.

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