occurs from february to august


​Energies from both the Leo moon & the 1st Quarter phase are fantastic for spells to strengthen relationships, particularly animal magick.

Any spell for love, passion, sex & binding spells will vibe with Leo's energies.

Leo is a sign that is all about power & pleasure

Honey helps to summon love & lust. While thyme, catnip & lavender are potent aphrodisiacs; infuse into a bath or use in an herbal bath bomb.

Binding spells are strong magic & these spells can be manipulative & harmful.

 Use caution & consent.


A safer bet is a self-love or self-confidence spell, which are also great to cast during a waxing moon.

A honey mask glamour spell with herbs for beauty like calendula & chamomile that works well with Leo's energy.

The Leo moon is a good time for creative ventures or pursuing your passions.


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