Lemon Balm

Citrus × limon

love, cleansing, healing & happiness 
the moon & the sun
Aquarius, Taurus, Cancer & Leo
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Lemons are a common sour yellow citrus fruit that are absolute superstars in domestic and kitchen witchery. Lemons absorb negative energies. Their energizing, uplifting & invigorating scent is often used to clean and freshen up living areas. 

Lemon trees are native to Asia, but humanity spread the tree throughout the world. Lemons were being grown in Europe by the early Roman era, in the Middle East and Asia by the 7th century, and in the Americas by the 1500’s. 

They have associations with the element of water, as well as the moon & the sun. They are used in Litha or Midsummer celebrations and can be used in healing, love, or cleansing spells. 

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Lemon trees are wonderfully scented and need full sun, warmth and no frost. They are the most cold sensitive citrus tree. There are many varieties of lemon tree, but they all prefer a Mediterranean climate and slightly acidic soil. 

Some types can be grown indoors and can even be grown as bonsai trees. Indoor trees may require additional grow lights even when placed in a sunny window. In the absence of pollinators, flowers need to be hand pollinated in order to bear fruit.

Grown outdoors, a single tree will self pollinate. It can take a tree 3 to 5 years to start producing fruit. Trees also require some pruning. 

Trees are most often propagated by cuttings rather than seed. Seeds do not reliably produce fruit bearing trees.

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Lemons are a domestic witch’s best friend. They are great for cleaning spells and can be added to floor washes. Lemon juice is even a mild disinfectant. Ants avoid surfaces cleaned with lemon juice. And there’s a plethora of recipes that call for a lemon’s unique flavor. They can be pickled, used in baking, or to flavor meats.

Because of their strong associations with the moon, sliced lemons are great to charge in moon water.

Lemons can be sliced and dried for altar decor or hang on a string in windows to catch the light. Other citrus can be added for a more colorful mix that’s perfect for use in solar rituals or to banish depression.

Dried lemon zest or peels can be used in jar or sachet spells for absorbing negative energy, cleansing, happiness, or healing. And the white, sometimes pink-tinged, flowers are good for use in love spells. 

Lemon juice can be used as invisible ink, which can be fun to add to spellwork. Dip a toothpick or an old fashion nib pen to write with. Let it dry and then heat the paper to reveal the message. This can be done by holding the paper close to a warm light bulb. 

Lemon juice has also been used to power batteries!