falls between yule & ostara

this Sabbat is time for new beginnings.

we don’t just celebrate fertility in the sense of procreation, but also our creative fertility; our renewed inspiration & spiritual rebirth. It is the time of year to ignite change within ourselves.

e begin to notice the sun in sky shining longer & longer each day. Candles are lit to symbolize the returning daylight and we celebrate the promise of spring.

milk & honey, 

candles, fire, forges,

wells & water

  • Burning remaining Yule greens

  • Cleanse yourself with a ritual bath

  • Honor the sun with a circle of candles

  • Bless candles for ritual use

  • Search for signs of spring

  • Drink honeyed milk

  • Host a bonfire

  • divine with fire; burn mugwort or gaze into flames

garnet, onyx, ruby, amethyst, turquoise, bloodstone

white, yellow, red, pink, green

basil,bay & coltsfoot

breads, especially seed bread, milk & other dairy, honey, herbal tea, spiced wine, lamb

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