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occurs from December to june


Intellectual Gemini empowers any spell for education, writing, travel, language or ideas. Harness the moon's energies & inspire creativity.

Create a sanctuary to get the ideas flowing. Ring yourself in crystals & candles. Set the mood for creating.

The waxing gibbous moon, in particular, helps us to stop feeling burnt out & to recharge.

Air magick is potent right now. Try knot magick, wands, feathers & your breath to harness it.

The waxing gibbous moon is also when you should finish up spells started at the beginning of the waxing phase.

Good time to study, research, or to learn something new. For success in school try studying with a sprig of rosemary nearby or using it as a bookmark.

The waxing Gemini moon also is a  great moon for drawing in good luck.

Healing & medicinal work is good in Gemini; add an extra oomph to herbal salves, tinctures & syrups.

Use mint, sage, catnip, burdock, marjoram, lavender or skullcap in spells during a Gemini moon; their energies sync well together.

Divination, dreaming & prophecy all sync naturally with the Gemini moon. Harness this dreamy energy with herbs like mugwort, lavender, catnip, or chamomile. Burn, use a tea, or in a bath.

Spells are not always successful under a Gemini moon. Be warned.