occurs from December to june


 Spells are not always successful under a Gemini moon.

Time is better spent trying to sate Gemini's curiosity & drive

for knowledge. this is the perfect time to start research

or take a new class.

Staying busy helps to dispel Gemini's nervous energy.

The waxing Gemini moon is also a great moon for drawing in good luck. Light a candle for luck & dive into learning something new. 

Or if you're over 21, brew & sip mint juleps for luck. Mint works well with Gemini’s vibes.

Healing & medicinal work is good in Gemini.

Inspire magickal dreams by burning mugwort &

sage. Divination, dreaming & prophecy come naturally during

the Gemini moon.

Relax & listen to the world whisper to you. Signs & revelations come in many forms; crows on the corner or shivers up your spine. 


Gemini throws out serious creative vibes. Meditate under the new moon's light & use the moon as inspiration. 

Any spells for education, writing, travel, language or ideas flourish under this sign.