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occurs from June to December

Gemini loves the written word. use it to your advantage & incorporate it into a spell.

Write down obstacles you face on a bay leaf & burn them with sage. Banish blocks in communication.

The waning moon is a good time for banishing. Try using the entire waning cycle to work a bigger spell. 

Any spells for education, writing, travel, language or ideas flourish under this sign. The energies of Mercury can be used as a guide for writing & creative endeavors.


Gemini hates being bored; dispel Gemini's restless energy by staying busy. Start a new book, take a class or join a club. 

Air magick is potent right now. Utilize knot magick, wands, feathers & your breath.

 Spells for divination, dreaming, prophecy & healing are also good under a Gemini moon. Use runes, tarot cards, or other divination tools to do a reading. 

Spells cast during a Gemini moon are not always successful.