occurs from June to December


Healing work is good in Gemini. Harness the waning moon's energy to banish illness by making homemade healing salves or a medicinal tincture.

Try out mint, sage, catnip, burdock, marjoram, lavender, or skullcap as they all vibe well with Gemini's energies.


Gemini is intellectual & curious beyond belief.

Pick up a book about a new subject. Use a spring of rosemary as a bookmark to aid your memory.


Any spells for education, writing, travel, language or ideas flourish under Gemini.

Use the moon as inspiration & the energy of Mercury as a guide for writing & creative endeavors.


A good time for a personal tarot reading. During the waning moon, look to the past for answers rather than the future. Divination comes naturally in Gemini.


Under Gemini, air magick is quite powerful. Utilize knot magick, wands, feathers & your breath.

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