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Occurs with the sun in Sagittarius


Gemini’s energies are very scattered. Spells cast during a Gemini moon are not always successful because of this fickle nature. 

Dispel Gemini's restless energy by staying busy. Gemini hates being bored. Start a new book, take a class, or join a club.


Healing work is good in Gemini. Use the moon's power to make homemade herbal medicines like elderberry syrup, or thyme-infused honey.

Air magick is potent right now. Utilize knot magick, wands, feathers & your breath.

 Harness the dreamy energy of Gemini into spells for magickal dreams.

Use the Gemini full moon to charge tarot cards, runes, or other divination tools. It's also a great time for readings. 


Any spells for education, writing, travel, language, or ideas flourish under Gemini. 

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