occurs from December to june


Gemini’s energies are scattered & spells are not always successful under a Gemini moon. Be warned.

Healing & medicinal work is good in Gemini.

The waxing Gemini moon is great for drawing in good luck. Anoint & burn a green candle with mint oil. Or bathe in mint & marjoram; their energies sync well with the Gemini moon.

Harness the element of air with your breath & speak a spell aloud.

Divination & dreaming come naturally during the Gemini moon. Harness the dreamy energy of Gemini by tucking mugwort, lavender, catnip & chamomile under your pillow to inspire magickal dreams.  

The Gemini moon is a good time to study, research,

or to learn something new. In fact, any spells for education, writing, travel, language or ideas flourish under this intellectual sign.

Staying busy helps ward off Gemini's anxious energy.