Anethum graveolens

courage, luck & abundance
mercury & gemini
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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of dill is pickles, of course, but this pungent, pretty, feathery herb has a long list of magickal uses. 

Egyptians mention the herb in medical texts dating back to antiquity, which are the earliest records of the plant, and it is native to the Mediterranean and Asia. 

Dill is often used for flavoring food, but the seeds can be used medicinally to soothe the stomach and improve sleep. 

It attracts love and abundance, and can also be used in spells for binding, banishing, protection, courage, and luck. 

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Dill is in the same family as fennel, cilantro, celery, and parsley, but is unique to its genus. 

A great addition to any witch’s garden, dill is super easy to grow and even self seeds, which means when left alone the plant will grow and spread its seeds without any help! Dill will usually flower and seed by the end of summer/early autumn. 

 When harvesting it’s a great idea to let some of the plants remain and go to seed, so that you have more next year!

It likes a sunny spot with well draining soil and it makes a great companion plant as it attracts many beneficial bugs to a garden. It is a great host plant for butterfly larvae! However, some vegetables like carrots and tomatoes do not grow well near it, so be careful what bed it is planted in!

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Beyond pickles, dill is used to season fish, stews and soups, potatoes, salads, eggs, sauces, dips, and more. The herb can be used to infuse a meal with love, courage, or luck.

Both the seeds and greens of the plant are often used in the

kitchen, although the greens have a stronger flavor there are

uses for both! And the fresh greens are preferable to dried, as they quickly lose flavor. 

Dried greens will still work well for magickal use outside the

kitchen though. 

The herb is also said to increase milk production for mothers and is sometimes used to calm colicky babies. 

Try a combination of chamomile and lavender flowers with dill seeds in a sleep sachet to help repel nightmares.

Dill provides protection from malicious witchcraft & also aids in removing wicked spells. Folklore says that the herb’s protective energies work best when worn/used on bare skin. Use a

charm made with a sprig, brew a drink with the herb or add it to a bath to wash away a curse. 

Dill can easily be added to magickal baths. The essential oils are sometimes used to scent soaps, perfumes, and other cosmetics. Try adding dill essential oils or dried dill leaves to a hot bath alongside rosemary and sage to infuse it with protective vibes or use dill with thyme to summon courage. 

To harness dill powers of success, abundance, and wealth, place a sprig in a change jar or in your wallet. Dill’s money drawing aspects can be amplified by using it with thyme, alfalfa, oregano, sage, mint, or other money drawing herbs; especially during a waxing moon. 

Often added to spells for love and lust, dill can also bring happiness and luck to newlyweds by placing a spring in a bouquet.