Daisy Illustration by Quinn K Dyer

Bellis perennis & Leucanthemum vulgare

Happiness, love, Purity & innocence
Sun, water & femininity
Aquarius, Taurus, Beltane & midsummer
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The innocuous daisy has many magickal, culinary & medicinal uses.

However, the word daisy encompasses several species of flowers from the Asteraceae family. Certain species can be eaten raw, as a tea, or used as a potherb and have high nutritional value. Others can be used to treat respiratory illness, menstruation issues, or digestive problems.

The daisy is also a potent magickal companion symbolizing happiness, luck, purity & innocence. It has a protective nature as well, especially concerning children & babes.

Though the flower has associations with the sun & Midsummer, it also has associations with the moon, the feminine & the element of water; as well as love & Beltane.

Everyone knows the daisy for its infamous divination spell of ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ while plucking petals. Folklore also says the sight of the first daisy of spring signifies luck in love.

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Many flowers with a yellow eye and long white petals are referred to as daisies. They grow easily from seed and are very hardy plants. They are relatively drought tolerant but don’t tolerate shade well.
Most are relatively easy to grow and care for.

Some, like Leucanthemum vulgare, the Oxeye daisy are a notorious weed in many areas and it’s allowed to be grown as it is considered an invasive species. It can often be found growing wild.

Other varieties are a bit tamer and easier to keep from spreading.

Daisies spread both by root & seed. they can spread very quickly Even when uprooted, if tiniest bit of root is left, then more will grow. Some of those other, tamer varieties include the shasta daisy & the English daisy.

Picking daisy heads all season long will keep the plant producing more blooms. This can also prevent spreading.

The blooms also attract pollinators to the garden. Bees especially love daisies.

There is an allergy risk with daisies. They are unfortunately one of the many plants that stuff up my nose! Rashes can also occur. But don't be discouraged from gardening if you’re allergic. Even the greenest witches aren't in tune with every plant.

Daisy Heart
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The entire aerial parts can be harvested. It is primarily the flower heads that are used medicinally and the greens for food.

Flowers can be used fresh or dried.

When drying flowers, choose blooms that are fully open, but not yet beginning to wilt. Pick them on a dry day to avoid risk of mold. Remove leaves and cut stems to desired length.

To hang dry, tie stems together to form a bunch and hang upside down in a dark place for a few weeks.

To press dry, sandwich flowers in two sheets of paper & insert into a heavy book. Stack another couple books on top & wait a few weeks until dry.

You’ll want to use fresh flowers with long stems for any sort of daisy chain, wreath, or crown, which bring luck in love when worn.

The flower has associations with the sun and Midsummer. Fresh daisy flowers can be used as an altar decoration or an offering, especially at Ostara, Beltane or Midsummer.

The petals or whole flower heads can be used to cast a love spell, create a protection circle, for a Midsummer ritual, or in a sun spell; mix daisies with salt & other sun-associated herbs like chamomile, basil, St. John’s wort, or sunflowers.

Daisies are often used in children's protection spells and baby blessings as they symbolize childhood and innocence.