Cinnamomum verum

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protection, Love & luck
Fire, Aries, the sun

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Not truly an herb, but a spice, cinnamon is a staple in witchcraft. It is widely used in spells, as it has a plethora of magickal uses, and can be added to many a spell & make sense — including spells for luck, prosperity, cleansing, love, lust, healing, protection, happiness and more! And luckily, it is an ingredient already in many pantries. 

Known since antiquity, cinnamon was once given as gifts to monarchs & as offerings to deities. It was used in China to treat digestive issues and ancient Egyptians used it during mummification. It was extremely expensive, and traders kept the secret of its origins for centuries to keep it so.

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Cinnamon trees grow in tropical and subtropical climates, and it grows natively in Asia.


There are a few species of the tree that produce cinnamon bark, but primarily, it is Cinnamomum verum, or true cinnamon, that is cultivated for modern culinary use. And it can take years for the tree to mature enough to harvest the inner bark. 

Cinnamon trees can also reach enormous sizes and are very temperature sensitive. Luckily for the modern witch, it is widely available already harvested, as sticks or powder in supermarkets.

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Light up a cinnamon stick and smoke cleanse, as the scent can aid in meditation while also cleansing a space. The smoke can imbue spiritual energy into spaces & tools, and also help to focus energies during divination.


Try sanctifying a space or ritual tools with smoke, or put cinnamon essential oil in a diffuser if you don’t have the option to — it’s also a smidge safer than dealing with an open flame.


Cinnamon essential oils can be used to anoint ritual tools or candles as well. It can also be used for a warming massage, but in order to handle a carrier oil must be used, as it can cause skin irritation. Just add a few drops to olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

Brooms made of pine and anointed with cinnamon oil are also used to ward away negative energy. And cinnamon’s protective properties can also be put to work by tying sticks of cinnamon together with a red cord for a charm to hang in thresholds that will ward off bad energy from entering. 

Sticks can also be boiled, or put in a slow cooker, with cloves & orange peels to imbue your home with cinnamon’s properties, and to freshen your home up with a scent that is reminiscent of fall & the changing seasons. 

Adding cinnamon, honey & sugar to a bath can attract love and passion, while anointing your wallet with cinnamon oil to attract cash. Or add sticks to a money sachet spell with money-drawing herbs like basil, alfalfa, mint, or thyme. 

Cinnamon also imbues your spells with speed & fiery energy.