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occurs from July to January


Lay your head in the roots of a tree & let it empower you & ground you. Recharge your energy.

The Capricorn moon is a good time for centering & grounding rituals as Capricorn represents structure, stability & groundedness.

Excellent time for making plans, organizing & setting goals.

Capricorn charges the energy of earth magick; work with roots, crystals, dirt & other earthy tools.

The Capricorn waxing moon is also a good time to overcome negative influences, break boundaries, grow & push ourselves onwards.

Write a rune on your wrist for strength & determination to remind yourself of your commitment when trying to banish & break a bad habit.

Chamomile, sunflower, thyme, St. John’s wort, rosemary, yarrow & lemon balm all vibe with Capricorn’s energy.

Finish up any spells cast during the beginning of the waxing phase.

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