occurs from July to January


Using the inward pull of the waxing moon to draw in the energies Capricorn gives us for material & monetary success. Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, is the responsible dad planet with super serious vibes to aid spells for stability & success.

Use the energy to make plans, organize & set goals.

Manifest a reality that makes you happy.

But don’t make plans if you can’t put in the work! Saturn holds us accountable.

And these plans are plans for the long run. Life goals & all that we strive for. Capricorn & Saturn show us the grand scope of our lives; the LONG run.

Also a good time for centering & grounding rituals.

Capricorn charges the energy of earth magick. Work with tree roots, crystals, dirt & other earthy magick.

The waxing moon under Capricorn is also a good time for rituals to overcome negative influences, break boundaries, grow & push ourselves onward.

Capricorn gives us the discipline to see things through. 

remember nothing is impossible with enough determination & hard work.

Summon up strength by burning or brewing herbs like oregano, thyme, St. John's wort, bay, or nettles. 

 Thyme  & St. John's wort work especially well with Capricorn’s energy.