lastquarter moon_edited.png
lastquarter moon_edited.png

occurs from January to July


The Capricorn 3rd quarter moon is good for dealing with transitions & temptations.


Try banishing spells to help overcome old negativities. The waning moon is conducive to this magick.


Carve a charm into a stone or root for strength & determination to remind yourself of your commitment when trying to banish & break a bad habit. Capricorn charges the energy of earth magick.


Capricorn drives us to achieve monetary success. Smudge with protective & money drawing herbs like basil, thyme & sage to destroy any obstacles on your path to success. 


Capricorn represents structure, stability & groundedness. This is a good time for centering & grounding rituals.


Capricorn also is the sign for any & all spells related to fatherhood, dads, or male fertility in general. 

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