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Occurs with the sun in Cancer


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn & is a sign for coming of age. It represents structure, stability & groundedness. Very serious vibes going on.

Saturn is the dad planet telling us all to get our heads out of asses and to start acting like an adult.

Capricorn is the sign for any & all spells related to fatherhood, dads, or male fertility in general.

Saturn teaches us the discipline to go after our goals and to hold ourselves accountable. Nothing is impossible with enough determination and hard work.

It is a time to work on ourselves, but also to appreciate how

far we’ve come. Celebrate all of your achievements, but also plan for those in the future.

Burn herbs to thank the higher powers for your successes.

Dreaming and divination come naturally at the full moon, but in Capricorn divination is best avoided. 

As an earth sign, Capricorn supercharges crystal magick. Leave out your crystal collection bathe in the moonlight.

This is a good time for centering & grounding rituals.