choose a phase for specific spells

Try spells for:

structure & stability, groundedness, discipline, career success & employment, organization & planning, fatherhood & fertility 


For earth signs like Capricorn, magick involving crystals, stones, salt, dirt or roots is super effective.

The element of earth is associated with pentacles.




carve a charm from a sturdy root or paint a stone with a sigil.

Cast circles with salt and herbs for protection.

Play in the dirt or plant something.

Power up any spell under any earth sign with as many crystals as

you can find.

charge your crystals in the moonlight or by burying them. Or charge a bath magickally by soaking with your crystals. Remember only some are safe to put in water!


yarrow, rosemary, lemon balm, thyme, marjoram, sunflower, chamomile & vervain


obsidian, onyx, diamond & garnet