occurs from January to July

Use the gibbous moon's vibes to recharge your energy with a bath of lemon balm & rosemary. Water spells are supercharged under this sign.


This is also when you should wrap up any spells started at the beginning of the waxing cycle.

Other spells that flourish under Cancer include: dreaming, motherhood or fertility, gardening & green magick, personal or emotional growth.


Cancer is also a great sign for healing, especially emotional trauma.


Cast protection spells, especially for the home or children. Herbs like sage, mugwort & rosemary can channel protective vibes. Chamomile, in particular, watches over kids. Grow these herbs or cast with them.

Cancer is the most fruitful sign of the zodiac, so expect results from spells cast under a Cancer moon.

Use clover, sage, dandelion, rosemary, chamomile or chickweed in spells as they are all in sync with Cancer.

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