occurs from January to July


Use the waxing moon’s energy to bring

what is outside yourself in. Under Cancer, try spells for protection, motherhood or fertility, gardening & green magick, personal

or emotional growth, as well as general blessings & cleansings.


Cancer's energy is highly charged for anyone who has dealt with less than ideal home lives. But it is also a great sign for healing, especially emotional trauma.


Start some serious healing work over the course of the waxing moon; eat better, journal, start therapy.

Do what you need to.

Engage in some self-care & harness the potent power of water during a Cancer moon; try bathing in sage & thyme. Both are herbs that promote emotional healing from past traumas.


 To harness the Cancer moon's protective qualities cast a circle around your home. Wreaths of mugwort & posies of chamomile are also strong protection.

 Remove negative energies & bring harmony into the home; 

smoke cleanse/smudge with sage!

Dreaming & divination also come naturally during the Cancer moon. Try your hand at scrying with some moon-charged water. Silver bowls are supposed to work best.

Cancer is the most fruitful sign of the zodiac, so expect results from spells cast under a Cancer moon.