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Occurs from July to January


Cancer has us craving the feelings family brings. call up your tribe & cook up a good meal. Kitchen magick vibes well with Cancer; a sign that's all about hearth & home.

For one reason or another, Cancer's energies are often emotionally charged. But Cancer is a great sign for healing & bringing harmony into the home.

Cast out old beef & resentments. Absorb bad energy with a circle of sage and salt.

The waning gibbous moon is a good time to cleanse your home & ritual tools, but nothing major.

Try washing your clothes with a bit of salt & rosemary essential oils for protection; create spiritual armor. Cancer is great for both spells involving water & domestic magick.

Protection spells for the home or children are potent under a Cancer moon. 

Dreaming and divination come naturally at the Cancer full moon, but during the waning phases look inward & into the past for answers rather than the future.

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