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Occurs with the sun in Cancer


For one reason or another, Cancer's energies are often emotionally 

charged. but it is also a great sign for healing, especially emotional trauma.

An optimal time to cleanse & remove negative energies from the home. Wash floors & thresholds with a mint & vinegar rinse to chase out bad vibes.

Just clean up in general; nothing eases tensions around the house more easily than cleaning up a bit. 

 Bring harmony into the home; smoke cleanse with herbs for bonding like catnip, basil, or lavender!

Cancer can leave us feeling nostalgic.

Don't hesitate to call up your coven or surround yourself with the familiar. 

Cancer is the most fruitful sign of the zodiac and a good sign for green witchery. Use clover, sage, dandelion, rosemary, chamomile or chickweed in spells as they are all in sync with Cancer.

Dreaming & divination also come naturally during the Cancer new moon — a perfect time for reading runes or tarot cards!

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