Occurs from July to January

The waning moon’s energy creates an optimal time to cleanse & remove negative energies from the home.

Wash floors & thresholds with a mint & vinegar rinse to chase out bad vibes. Or banish turmoil in the home by spending some time smoke cleansing/smudging.


Spells involving water are potent under Cancer; infuse rain water with herbs & let it charge in the moonlight.


Use Cancer’s domestic vibes & practice some kitchen magick. Try making some herbal butter with sage or rosemary; herbs that vibe with this zodiac sign. Or maybe some garlic bread imbued with protective properties.

Or use sigils in your kitchen magick; etch them into pie crust, draw them in your latte foam.


Protection spells for the home or children are potent under a Cancer moon. It's never a bad time to cast a circle. Salt, sage, mugwort & rosemary all have protective properties.


Cancer is the most fruitful sign of the zodiac, so expect results from spells cast under a Cancer moon.

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