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Occurs with the sun in Capricorn


For one reason or another, Cancer's energies are often emotionally 

charged. But Cancer is a great sign for healing emotional trauma & bringing harmony into the home.

An optimal time to remove negative energies in the home and calm drama between family members. 

Put time aside today to straighten up somehow. Nothing eases tensions around the house more easily than cleaning up a bit.

Cancer brings us back to our roots, but it can leave us longing for who or what is missing. If you’re feeling nostalgic and wanting to surround yourself with familiar faces, then do it! 

Cast protection spells, especially for the home or children. 
Ward your doors with bundles of herbs or an herbal wash.


Cancer vibes well with rosemary, chamomile, or sage.

Chamomile and elderberry, in particular, watch over kids. 

Remember raw elderberries are toxic and chamomile has an allergy risk!


Blessings for children or the home are also excellent to time with the Cancer full moon.

Water spells are supercharged under this sign.

Find a natural body of water to dip your toes in while you meditate in the moonlight. Charge water in the moonlight for healing purposes. Or try using a bath bomb or casting another bath spell!

Dreaming and divination come naturally at the Cancer full moon.