occurs from January to July


A great sign for healing, especially emotional trauma.

Protection spells, especially for the home or children, are potent under a Cancer moon. 

Foster good vibes at home & smoke cleanse/smudge with

herbs that foster bonding. Basil, catnip & lavender all help us

feel good and connected. while both sage and thyme help us to move

on from past trauma.

Cancer can leave us feeling lonely. The energies are often

emotionally charged. Don't hesitate to call up your coven or

surround yourself with the familiar.

 Be kind to yourself.

Dreaming & divination also come naturally during the Cancer moon. Use any combo of lavender, chamomile, catnip, or mugwort to aid in calling down these energies. 

Try them in a bath or as a tea; as a water sign, Cancer amps up water's energy.

Cancer is also the most fruitful sign of the zodiac and a good sign for green witchery.