falls between Ostara & Midsummer


A Sabbat that celebrates fertility & fire. A bonfire is traditionally lit at sundown or moonrise with potent, aromatic herbs tossed into the flames. A candle can be used symbolically if a bonfire isn't possible, but it is good luck to light a flame of some sort.

This is a celebration of the sacred, sexual union of the god & goddess. A good time for blessings and any fertility rituals. 

generally a day of carefree celebration with dancing, games & feasting. 


Cauldrons, maypoles, bells, dancing, bonfires, spring flowers, honey, sex

things to do_edited.png
  • Engage in sex or fertility magick

  • Harvest or wildcraft roots, herbs or flowers

  • Dance outside; create a maypole

  • purify ritual tools in bonfire smoke

  • Burn old brooms & bless new ones

  • Wear a daisy chain

  • Collect the morning dew

  • Decorate with flowers

  • Become the may queen & crown yourself with flowers & greenery

  • spend time spinning or try to! 

  • Host a bonfire

  • Plant some seeds

  • Meditate outside

malachite, moss agate,

garnet, tiger's eye


white, greens & browns 

Bright colors: pink, blue, red

clover, mint, thyme, mugwort,

yarrow, rose, rosemary


fresh berries, fish, bread & buns, dairy & eggs, honey, leafy veggies, dandelions, nuts, sprouts or seeds