Ocimum basilicum

 Basil Illustration by Quinn K Dyer
Happiness, love & money
fire, mars & masculinity
Scorpio, Aries & Pisces
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My favorite thing to do with basil is to eat it! Fresh basil is utterly amazing. I use it on chicken, in pesto, bruschetta, herbal butter, olive oil infusions, etc.

Of course, just because someone uses a herb one way or for one purpose doesn’t mean there aren’t a thousand other ways to put that same herb to use. If you feel connected to a particular plant and feel the need to use it in a particular way; go for it.

Use your intuition & be innovative.


Basil is often used to bring happiness, love, and luck. The smell alone works to restore and mend the spirit. It can be used to heal quarrels between people or ignite love. Basil can be used in baths for protection, to remove bad vibes, or enhance luck.

Tea made from basil leaves aids in bringing on visions. Growing it around your home or keeping it in vases attracts happiness. And it’s also one of the best money drawing herbs you can use. Remember that benevolent basil only works when used with good intentions.

Basil Plant
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Basil is an essential for any witch’s garden. It’s relatively low maintenance, delicious, and useful in many spells.

There are many different varieties of basil including thai, purple, sweet, and lemon. Each has its own unique taste and properties.

But all basil loves the sun and every variety I’ve encountered has done well in pots. Though if you have space, growing it next to a tomato plant is supposed to improve the taste.

For the best-tasting basil, harvest before the plant goes into bloom. The blooms can be plucked, but if left alone the plant will reseed itself.

Basil is very easy to start from cuttings. It’s possible to take one basil plant and turn it into ten! Simply cut a single stem of basil and strip the leaves except for the top four.

Place the stem in a container of water, making sure the leaves stay dry. Then place the container in a sunny spot.

In a few days, you should see little white tendrils of the new roots beginning to poke forth. In a week or so, these roots will be a couple of inches long & ready to plant in the dirt!

Basil Pesto
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You can use the leaves dried or fresh, but fresh is preferred.

Basil can be stored a number of ways. Dry at the standard 170 degrees until the leaves are fully dry. Blend into olive oil and freeze. Put fresh or dry leaves in an olive oil infusion. Make an herbal butter.

A good meal is my favorite way to bring people together. It’s hard to argue with someone when you’re mouth is full of something yummy.

Use a bit of kitchen magic with basil; it’s just so good at bonding people. 

Supercharge basil’s money-drawing aspects by using it with chamomile, mint, thyme, alfalfa, sage, or other money drawing herbs; especially using them during a Taurus waxing moon.