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occurs from october to april


The waxing gibbous in particular helps spells meant to renew & restore strength. Time to stop feeling burnt out.

Take some time for self-care. After all, Aries is selfish. Spells should focus on oneself; such as those for self-improvement.

Fire signs like Aries empower spells involving fire. Try incorporating cooking, candles, incense, or a bonfire into your casting.

Aries also helps us chase our passions; write your desires on sage leaves to burn & release into the universe.

Things started under Aries lack staying power. Spells will be short-lived.

Avoid spells for divination & dreaming. But healing and medicinal work are good under Aries.

Garlic, thyme, nettles & sage work well with Aries' vibes and aid in spells for healing & protection.

And any spells cast during the beginning of the waxing phase should be wrapped up before the full moon.

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