occurs from october to april


Both the Aries moon & the waxing crescent phase aid in inspiring passion in life, love & at work. Try spells for gathering strength & courage to chase your passions.

Aries's passion aids us in particular with pursuing our creative dreams. Call down creativity & let your inspiration swell with the moon.

Any magick involving fire is supercharged.

Try your hand at making candles. or simply take a pre-existing candle and carve runes or an intention into it. Try to color coordinate, like red for passion. 


Divination is best left alone.

Don't expect Aries to give you lasting results. Spells cast under an Aries moon will be short-lived.

As a sign of action & energy, Aries wants you to go, go, go! So get moving! Take Action!

Healing & medicinal work are good in Aries. So do spells for protection. 

Ward your doors with bundles of herbs or an herbal wash; nettles & sage work well with Aries' vibes.

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