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occurs from April to October


The waning moon pushes away what we do not want. use that energy to banish self-doubt. Bless a blade & use it to metaphorically chop that self-doubt down.
Or take an herbal bath with sunflowers, basil, chamomile, St. John's wort, or lemon balm.
Let all the bad juju get washed down the drain.
Supercharge your spell with firepower & ring the tub with as many candles as you can.  

The waning gibbous is a great phase for breaking bad habits and Aries is great for spells that focus on yourself.

Aries is a sign of action, energy, leadership & bravery. Aries wants us to go, go, go! So jump into a project! 

Aries demands action!
But remember things started under Aries are usually short-lived.

Healing work is good in Aries. Garlic, in particular, vibes hard with Aries and has medicinal properties.

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