occurs from April to October


Healing & medicinal work is good in Aries. Harness the protective energies of Aries with a circle of garlic & salt. Or banish illness with a bit of kitchen witchery.

Brew up a restorative soup stock with garlic, nettles, oregano, thyme & rosemary. Let all the illness wane away with the moon.


Wrap your own smudge stick of protective nettles & sage. They work well with Aries' vibes. Then use it to banish bad energy & protect your home.


For fire signs, spells can be amped up with fire. Incorporate candles, incense, cooking or other flames into your work. 


Things started under Aries, in particular, are short-lived. Spells are only powerful for a short while. 

The waning crescent moon is also when you should finish up spells started at the beginning of the waning phase.