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Occurs with the sun in Aries


Dreaming and divination come naturally at the new moon, but in Aries, this work is best left alone.

For fire signs, like Aries, magick involving fire, incense or candles is supercharged. Harness the double dose of fiery Aries energy with some extra potent candle magick. Carve an intention into a candle & let it burn.

Aries is also a great time for protection spells.

The new moon is great for starting fresh. but don't expect Aries to give you lasting results. Things started under Aries lack staying power. Spells will be short-lived.

Aries is a sign of action & energy. Try doing something physical. 

Healing & medicinal work is good in Aries. Medicinal herbs that sync well with Aries include yarrow, sage, nettles & thyme.

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