lastquarter moon_edited.png
lastquarter moon_edited.png

occurs from April to October


The Aries 3rd Quarter moon is good for dealing with transitions & temptations. During self-interested Aries, spells should focus on yourself.

Break & banish bad habits; the waning moon is excellent for this. write down bad habits & bind with sage, thyme & black thread. burn the entire bundle.

Aries is a sign of action & energy. So get up and do something! Even if it’s just a short walk or yoga. 

Things started under Aries, in particular, lack staying power. Spells will be short-lived.

Medicinal work is good under an Aries moon. But dreamwork and divination are best left alone.

For fire signs, magick involving fire is potent. Bless a blade a use it to carve a candle. Burn incense and save the ashes to mix with Salt to use for protection circles.

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