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Occurs with the sun in Libra


Dreaming and divination come naturally at the full moon, but in barren Aries, this work is best left alone.

It is, however, an excellent time to bless blades. Light a candle in the sight of the full moon and bless your ritual blades by sliding them through the flame.

Blades, runes, tarot cards, crystals & more can all be charged in the moonlight as well!

Libra helps Aries to be less self-absorbed. Harness the protective energies of Aries for loved ones by roasting garlic and baking homemade bread. 

Aries is a sign of action & energy. try doing something physical. Even if it’s just a short walk or mild yoga. Don’t get bogged down with too much thinking; just do it!

Things started under Aries, in particular, lack staying power. Spells will be short-lived.


Medicinal work is good in Aries as well as during the full moon; add an extra oomph to herbal salves, tinctures & syrups.

Herbs like sage, nettle, garlic, yarrow, basil & thyme are all

in sync with Aries.

For fire signs, magick involving incense or candles or any other fire is supercharged.

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