choose a phase for specific spells

Try spells for:

courage & strength, Healing & medicinal work, Fire & passion, Leadership, Self-care & self-improvement, protection


For fire signs like aries, magick involving fire, incense or

candles is super effective. 

The element of fire is associated with wands or ceremonial blades.




Write your desires on sage leaves to burn & release into the universe.
Or try incorporating cooking or a bonfire into your casting.
Power up any spell under any fire sign with as many candles as you can find & that can fit in your space. 

Try your hand at making candles or carve an intention into a storebought candle & let it burn. Try to color coordinate.


Garlic, Thyme, nettles, hops, yarrow, cloves, basil, rose, Lavender & sage

Garnet, diamond, bloodstone & ruby