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occurs from August to February


The waxing gibbous moon is normally a good phase to recharge our energy. Instead, send those vibes to someone else. Aquarius isn't selfish. It is a sign of friendships, community & connection.

Group spell work is especially powerful & without your coven, the Aquarius moon can leave you feeling alienated. So make plans!

Before having company over, try smudging/smoke cleansing with any combination of basil, catnip, or lavender. These herbs all help us feel good and connected. 

Aquarius is also a sign of transformation & looking to the future with divination & dreamwork. Runes, tarot cards, tea leaves, or dreamwork can all help us connect to the unknown

Burn mugwort & yarrow incense to aid in diving into the unknown.

Although rosemary,  daisies, lavender, fennel, skullcap & nettles are all more in sync with Aquarius’ energy and are great for spellwork at this time.​

Remember to wrap up any spells started at the beginning of the waxing cycle before the full moon!

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