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occurs from February to August


Banish drama, feelings of jealousy & bad vibes between people. Aquarius is a sign of community & connection.

Smudge with basil, lavender & rosemary to be rid of resentments.


Craving a sense of belonging to something larger? Dispel loneliness; gatherings & group spellwork work well under an Aquarius moon.

Call your clan and dance under the moon’s waning light. Make a playlist just for the occasion.


No selfish magic during the Aquarian moon. Focus on others & your relationships.


Aquarius is also a sign of revelations & transformation. divination & dreamwork. work well under this sign. But during the waning moon, look to the past and seek out introspection rather than divine the future.


Rosemary, mint, daisies, lavender, fennel, skullcap, nettles & burdock are all in sync with Aquarius’ energy and are great herbs for spellwork at this time.


Air magick is potent right now. Utilize knot magick, wands, feathers & your breath.