occurs from February to August


Connect with someone else for a tarot reading.

Gatherings & group spellwork are especially powerful under an

Aquarius moon.A sign of community & friendship, Aquarius doesn't like selfish magick.

Events can often feel charged or fated; Aquarius is all about revelations & transformation. 


But remember to look to the past for answers during the waning phases, not the future.


Also any spells cast during the beginning of the waning phase should be wrapped up before the dark moon.


Rosemary, mint, daisies, lavender, fennel, skullcap, nettles & burdock are all in sync with Aquarius’ energy and are great herbs for spellwork at this time.


Harness the element of air with some knot magick or use your breath & speak a spell aloud; it's potent under Aquarius.