occurs from February to August

lastquarter moon_edited.png
lastquarter moon_edited.png

Banish bad vibes among coven members. Gatherings & group spellwork are especially powerful under an Aquarius moon & the waning phase helps push away what is no longer serving us.


Don’t get trapped in any negative energies. Choose to connect and dispel your loneliness.

Spend this Aquarian moon with your coven & make some friendship bracelets. The repetitive knots involved are wonderful for storing magickal energies. Air magick is potent right now. Knot magic is often associated with the element of air.


No selfish magic should be cast during the Aquarian moon. Focus on other people instead.


Rosemary, mint, daisies, lavender, fennel, skullcap, nettles & burdock are all herbs in sync with Aquarius’ energy and are great for spellwork at this time.


A good time for tarot or rune readings. Aquarius is also a sign for divination & dreamwork, but during the waning moon, it is better to look towards the past rather than the future.

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