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Occurs with the sun in LEo


Aquarius is a sign of friendships, community, & connection. Gatherings & group spellwork are especially powerful under an Aquarius moon.

Events can often feel charged or fated; & we crave a sense of belonging to something larger.

Aquarius can leave you feeling alienated, so go out & find your tribe. Don’t get trapped in negative energies.

Choose to connect; dispel loneliness. Host a coven meeting or get involved in your community.

No selfish magic during the Aquarian moon. Focus on others & your relationships.

Aquarius is also a sign of revelations, big ideas & innovation.

It's a sign of transformation & looking to the future with

divination & dreamwork.

Charge your tarot cards in the moonlight. Or break out your

runes for a reading. 

Try some air magic out; it's potent under Aquarius. Knot magic is often associated with the element of air. Your breath, feathers, or wands are also options.

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