occurs from August to February


Use the first quarter moon's energy to summon down the creative vibes that Aquarius provides.

Burn away the roadblocks with some lemongrass incense.

Call up your coven. Without them, the Aquarius moon can

leave you feeling alienated. After all, Aquarius is a sign of friendship & connection.

Host a night of bonding with your brethren. Try a creative focus; a tye-dye party or just some chill coloring.

Knot magic is often associated with the element of air. Spend this Aquarian moon with your coven & make some friendship bracelets. The repetitive knots involved are wonderful for storing magickal energies.

 Remember that selfish magic flounders during the Aquarian moon. Focus on others in your spellwork. The first quarter moon is great for relationship spells

of all sorts. 

Divination & dreamwork also come naturally under an Aquarius moon. Before bed bathe in catnip & lavender to leave your body behind; infuse the herbs in hot water or use an herbal bath bomb. 


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