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Cancer, Venus & the Moon
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Aloe vera originates in the Middle East, but now grows wild in many places around the globe. It’s current distribution is attributed purely to mankind — a testament to the plant’s usefulness.

 Its use as a medicinal dates back tens of thousands of years and like many other medicinal plants used by our ancestors, lore has intertwined both the magical and the medicinal. It’s even rumored to have been used cosmetically by Cleopatra. 

Aloe vera is used for luck and protection, as well as spells for love and beauty. It has associations with the element of water, the moon, Venus, and feminine energy. Spells with aloe flourish under the sign of Cancer.

The genus aloe contains over 500 species, but only a few are medicinal, including aloe vera, the most widely known.

Aloe vera
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Aloe’s leaves are thick and fleshy and are lined with small, pointy, serrated ‘teeth’. This distinctive plant is pretty easy to grow. The most common mistake is overwatering as succulents need very little water.

They thrive in extremely sandy soil or other well-draining soil. 


It makes a great houseplant. Leave it alone and remember to water it once a month or so. The plant will turn yellow when overwatered.

Aloe does need heat to survive. It can survive near freezing temperatures as long as the ground doesn’t freeze. And it will grow outdoors only in sub-tropical, tropical or arid regions. 

Aloe does flower, but also spreads more commonly through pups — small offshoots of the original plant which can be carefully dug up and replanted. 

It is grown as an ornamental as well as for its medicinal value.

Aloe vera gel
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The plant’s gel is used in beverages, cosmetics, and medicinally. It is most commonly kept in kitchens to treat burns, aloe’s translucent gel is also good for minor cuts, scrapes, bug bites and stings, acne, and, of course, sunburns. The gel is anti inflammatory as well as antibacterial. 

Simply snap off a piece of leaf from a live plant for an easily accessible medicine! Pulverized leaves are also good medicinally, not just the gel.

And as always, when on prescription drugs ask a doctor before using any medicinal herbs. Aloe does react with some pharmaceuticals, so be careful!

Magickally, aloe can be used in spells to ward off loneliness, to guard against evil energy, or to attract luck. Aloe also vibes well with lunar spells. Use the gel to anoint your brow or your tools before a lunar ritual. Aloe helps to draw down the moon’s energy. 

Aloe’s gel can be used fresh in beauty spells. The gel is a natural moisturizer for the skin, although too much will dry it out. It can also help calm acne and redness. Try a facemask of the fresh gel under a Libra or Pisces moon to illuminate your skin. Let it dry and bask in the moonlight. 

Dried leaves can be burned as incense to invoke wisdom and protection. A dried leaf can also be used as a talisman against misfortune and accidents. Protip: protection spells and aloe vera both vibe well when the moon is in Cancer.