occurs from october to april


For fire signs, like Aries, magick involving fire, incense, or candles is supercharged.

Don't expect any spells cast in Aries to give you lasting results. Things started under Aries, in particular, are short-lived. Spells are only powerful for a short while. 

Aries is a sign of doing. It's full of energy. Don't get bogged down thinking; just do a thing! Try some physical activity; get yourself to a park for a stroll.

Healing & medicinal work is good in Aries; add an extra oomph to herbal salves, tinctures & syrups.

Aries is self-interested; spells should focus on yourself.

Aries is one of the best signs for casting protection spells. So, soak in a protection bath with an infusion of basil, chamomile, thyme, or sage. All these herbs work well with Aries' energies.

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